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STUDER apprentice earns 1st place at SwissSkills 2018

Their efforts started with a preparatory course last winter in the vocational training centre in Interlaken. That was where Josia Langhart made the decision to apply for SwissSkills 2018. 66 automation apprentices across Switzerland wanted the same thing. The first hurdle was easily cleared: He was among the top 24 after the first selection by the Swissmem. He remained in contention after the second cut as well. Last week, 12 automation apprentices split-up into 6 teams, started the competition. Winner Josia Langhart (Fritz STUDER AG) with his teammate Raffael Furrer (AZM Langenthal).

Intensive preparation

The victory was earned through intense preparation. Josia Langhart and teammate Raffael Furrer trained 150 hours for the event. "Together with Raffael, I commisioned a complex automation system. I was responsible for the entire hardware construction, i.e. the sensors and drives. Participation in SwissSkills was really a good experience for me in many ways," the happy winner feels. After a short break, training for WorldSkills 2019 in Russia will start soon.

« It's clear that we're trying for a spot on the podium here »
Josia Langhart, automation trainee at Fritz Studer AG

Successful STUDER trainees

3 trainees at STUDER not only qualified for, but also performed well at the SwissSkills 2018. Yanick Ueltschi, working with teammate Sandro Habicher from Bühler AG, earned 5th place in the competition for automation specialists (Automatiker EFZ). Jan Lauber finished 19th in the competition for IT specialists. "Participation in SwissSkills requires a great deal of dedication from young people," says Marc Baumgartner, a master instructor at Fritz Studer AG in Steffisburg. "Their hard work has been rewarded and we are very proud of our apprentices."

Promoting the next generation

Fritz STUDER AG is known for nurturing the next generation. Over ten percent of its employees are apprentices in 8 different professions. Those apprentices are expected to show a strong sense of responsibility. Each apprentice has the chance to promote his own projects - already in their first year, the apprentices are working in the productive departments. STUDER focuses not only on performance, but also promotes team spirit, using measures such as common camps or the possibility of an apprentice exchange abroad.

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