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STUDER is introducing a new machine to the market

If you think that a STUDER machine is too much for your budget, then we recommend you take a look at the favorit. This machine sets a new standard for price-performance ratio, can be used universally and offers a distance between centres of 1600mm 63"), making it suitable for long workpieces as well.

STUDER bringing a new machine to the market: The favorit – for big expectations and small budgets

This CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine is designed for grinding in individual and batch production and can be automated. It can subsequently be easily adapted to other grinding tasks using various accessory kits such as in-process gauging, balancing systems, contact detection and length positioning.

The favorit is a very cost-effective machine. As with all STUDER cylindrical grinding machines, the proven solid Granitan® machine base ensures the highest precision, performance and reliability. The full enclosure ensures an optimal view of the grinding process. The wheel-head, which can be automatically positioned every 3°, can take one belt-driven external and internal grinding spindle respectively.

The practical STUDER grinding software with its proven StuderPictogramming means that even less experienced users can quickly and practically program grinding and dressing cycles. The StuderGRIND software is also available as an optional extra; this enables efficient programming of special applications, such as profiling the grinding wheel for complex workpiece shapes. Development, production, assembly and inspections of STUDER products all takes place in a process-oriented manner and comply with the stringent directives stipulated in VDA 6.4 and ISO 9001.

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