Your apprenticeship at Fritz Studer AG

Automation specialists EFZ

Automation spezialists enjoy electronics and work precisely. They produce individual electrical assemblies for our cylindrical grinding machines. They assemble the prepared components onto the mechanically finished machine and put them into operation.

Automation installers EFZ

Automation installers produce individual electrical assemblies for our cylindrical grinding machines. They install the prepared assemblies onto the mechanically finished machines and work closely with a certified specialist to put them into service.

Administrative clerks EFZ

Administrative clerks experience all aspects of life at STUDER: Purchasing, Sales, Customer Care, Financial and Accounting  and Marketing. They buy components for cylindrical grinding machines, create quotes, confirm machine orders and handle the shipping formalities.

Design engineers EFZ

Design engineers design parts for cylindrical grinding machines such as drives, clamping devices, sheet metal paneling, etc. They make the technical drawing for the individual parts manufactured by the multi-skilled mechanic. Precision work on paper is part of their everyday life.

Logistics providers EFZ

Logistics specialists work with goods that must be sent, delivered, transported, stored and prepared. Their daily routine includes work on the computer, the operation of various store and transport equipment and the unloading and loading of goods.

Polymechanic EFZ

Polymechanics must have a strong sense of spatial relations and the ability to spot logical connections quickly. They produce the individual workpieces for our cylindrical grinding machines and assemble the (typically) metallic parts into complete machines.

Final degree projects

We offer support for final degree projects in the fields of mechanical engineering, design and business administration.


A term or final degree project can be undertaken by students during or at the end of their studies. Depending on the rules for the given course of study, this normally takes between 3 and 6 months.


We will propose general topics for final degree projects and consult with you on the details to ensure that you and your preferences are taken into account. An employee of the relevant technical department will be assigned to support you during your entire period working on the final degree project.

Application and selection procedure

If you are interested in conducting your term or final degree project at STUDER,  please visit our Job Board.


If you have any additional questions about term or final degree projects, or about internships, at STUDER, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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HR Director
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3612 Steffisburg
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