STUDER WireDress®

WireDress® allows completely new possibilities in grinding with metal bonded CBN and Diamond wheels: Not only does the electro erosive integrated dressing technology save massive downtime, it also enables sintered metal bonds to be dressed with the highest precision in the grinding machine at full wheel speed.

WireDress® Components

Grinding wheels with ultra-hard diamond or CBN cutting materials are used for grinding ceramics, tungsten carbide and hardened steel. In previous grinding processes such grinding wheels often had a resin or ceramic bond. One way of increasing precision and cost effectiveness in these grinding applications is to use grinding wheels with a sintered metal bond. However, their use has previously only been of limited value, as metal bonds can only be dressed to a very limited extent and only have an average cutting ability.


STUDER WireDress®

With the new STUDER-WireDress® dressing technology metal-bonded grinding wheels can now be easily dressed, i.e. profiled and sharpened, with the highest precision in the grinding machine,at full working speed. This also gives the grinding wheel a high cutting ability with a high proportion of free-standing grits. WireDress® is available as a dresser option on the STUDER cylindrical grinding machines S22 and S41.

Features of WireDress®

STUDER WireDress
D64 wheel with small grooves

Higher productivity

  • At least +30% grinding performance
  • Longer dressing intervals
  • Maximized free-standing grits > max. cutting ability
  • Dressing in the grinding machine > higher OEE
  • Low dressing tool costs

High precision

  • No wear on the dressing tool
  • The dresser can be swivelled
  • Metal bond can be dressed 20% faster
  • Highest profile precision achievable in μm (40 mill") range
  • -75% wheel wear with metal bond
  • -70% workpiece deflection
  • R internal 0.2mm (0.008") R external 0.05 (0.002") achievable on the workpiece

Simple operation

  • Full distance between centers can be used
  • Fully integrated into StuderWIN machine control
  • Regular grinding oil can be used
  • Touch dressing can be used
  • Quick wire coil change without re-setting
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Product flyer WireDress®
The latest generation of machine-integrated dressing technology for metal-bonded grinding wheels