Values and Visions

Our values and visions form the basis for our work. They illuminate what makes us strong and how we interact with our colleagues and partners:

We are STUDER and

  • we create value for our customers
  • design innovations
  • connect our ideas
  • take responsibility
  • seek sustainable, profitable growth.

Roughly 800 employees live STUDER's values on a daily basis, with 750 of them located in Steffisburg and 50 in Biel. We are particularly proud of our learners. We believe this: they represent the backbone  of our economy. We are currently training 80 students in eight different professions. Through our Vocational Training Centre in Mechatronics, Electrics and Design, we promote new talent and help secure our own supply of talent for these specialized and skilled jobs.

Our departments in numbers

  • 150 employees in Engineering
    • 30 in Software and Electrical Engineering
    • 40 in Project Management and Project Planning
    • 15 in Research and Development
  • 150 Customer Care employees
    • External service force worldwide
    • In-house Service Academy with 5 instructors
  • 60 employees in Sales
    • 30 area sales managers on the go worldwide
    • 10 grinding instructors in the Customer Center
  • 110 pre- and final assembly technicians
  • 85 employees in our modern Manufacturing department
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