External cylindrical grinding machines

Conventional cylindrical grinding machines

We also offer conventional, non-CNC controlled cylindrical grinding machines. Thanks to their pre-installed grinding cycles, the two types of machines make grinding economical. They are easy to operate, feature a wide range of accessories and can be reset quickly.

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CNC Universal external cylindrical grinding machines

External and internal cylindrical grinding in only one clamping. This is available through our universal cylindrical grinding machines. You have the choice: Do you need a simple and cost-effective machine for the most important applications? Or a machine for small workpieces, or a machine for big tasks? Have a look at our universal cylindrical grinding machines. 

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CNC Production external cylindrical grinding machines

If you have a large series to produce using superproductive grinding, our two production cylindrical grinding machines are the right tools for the job. The high speed grinding (HSG) option can further boost productivity. Industry 4.0 interfaces optimize high productivity processes, maximizing the value chain.

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CNC Combination grinding machines

Almost everything in one? STUDER does that too! With our flexible hard fine machining center you can grind, lathe, mill and drill. You can also perform external and internal grinding. Find out for yourself!

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