Economic production with our grinding software

Over 110 years of experience in grinding is integrated into the STUDER software. Our software helps you reduce production costs. To do this, we support you through our flexible and simple software concept. For you this means: shortest setup, programming, and grinding times with the highest machine availability.

STUDER developed the "pictogramming" visual language for programming. No other supplier today can offer such a multitude of setup functions, grinding cycles and auxiliary functions. Even complex grinding processes are child’s play to program and control. Your advantage: You can master the STUDER software within a very short time.

STUDER machines can always be upgraded with the latest features, remain state-of-the-art and maintain their value. They can also be upgraded with many expansion modules that optimize your specific grinding process directly on the control.



The STUDER operating system allows the operator to set up the machine efficiently without navigating deep into the menus. The most important information is available at a glance. A Dialog leads you deeper into the software structure. The system has an open architecture, so that you can implement your own ideas and meet specific requirements. The main sub-areas of StuderWIN are setup, tool definition, program generation, process visualization, diagnosis and analysis.

StuderTechnology integrated requires just a few parameters to automatically calculate precise grinding parameters in just seconds. The program calculates the manufacturing task with only three parameters and grinds with optimal feed rates right from the start. Good quality is assured from the start, as is a stable process at start-up.

Want to earn even more with the machine? Then take advantage of the STUDER Quick Set extension pack. An electronic measuring probe allows you to retool in the shortest possible time. Unproductive downtimes can thus be reduced by up to 90%.


Program your grinding programs conveniently in the office. You can always see all machines at a glance in the MachineOrganizer. StuderWINprogramming is the perfect software package for the offline programming of grinding machines. Workpiece-oriented data management prevents data chaos and enables rapid retrieval of the required data. This software is just as easy to operate as StuderWIN on the machine. All integrated tools available on the machine are also available at the programming station. With StuderWINtraining you can learn set-up and programming processes without affecting the machine's productivity. The advantages at a glance:

  • StuderPictogramming with graphic programming for the creation of grinding programs
  • Programming of nominal positions directly from the workpiece drawing
  • Grinding wheel and dressing tool definition
  • Workpiece-oriented data management, archiving, documentation, reproduction
  • File management with graphic preview and direct program call for additional modules
  • Data transmission via RS232, HSSB, Ethernet
  • Direct access to the NC memory of the control system
  • Tried, tested and future-proof
  • 1:1 mapping of the real machine including all integrated tools

StuderSIM is the specially developed operating system for internal and radius grinding. It enables programming of all basic cycles for grinding, dressing and process-supporting measurement. The basic cycles such as surface grinding, bore grinding, cone grinding, thread grinding, dressing and measurement are defined in the Parameter Input window.

This type of programming guarantees great flexibility and remains very user-friendly and workshop-oriented. Each cycle is equipped with a dynamic help system and guides the operator intuitively through the grinding data creation process.

The programmed sequence is visually simulated and optimized. This ensures reliability, as well as guaranteeing short programming times and increased cost-effectiveness.

  • Simple to use and program thanks to HMI StuderSIM
  • StuderSIM programming and simulation software for the creation and simulation of grinding and dressing programs on the machine control or on an external PC
  • Standardized interfaces for loader and peripheral devices

STUDER Integrated Tools

Our software enhancements support you in your specific grinding task. Where do you want to optimize your process? In new and re-profiling? In peel, convex and contour grinding? In noncircular grinding? In thread grinding? Our special solutions provide you with the best possible support directly on the control.


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