Michael, Application technician

Michael has already completed his apprenticeship as a polymechanic at STUDER and has been working at STUDER ever since, with only a short interruption. His path has led him through assembly, to the Techcenter, and finally to the software department. Today, he works here as an application technician and has also completed his degree in computer science for application development. In the (further) development of customer-specific applications or STUDER's own StuderWin software, Michael particularly likes "the programming, the variety. You never know what's going to happen throughout the day". He also greatly appreciates the good cooperation in the team. As a balance to his diverse tasks, the family father likes to ride his racing bike a lot.


Denis, Mechanical design engineer

Denis has been working as a mechanical design engineer at STUDER since 2017 and is about to graduate as a Technician (HF) in mechanical engineering. "I'm glad that I can reconcile family, work and training at STUDER", says the young father. In addition to designing customer-specific applications for STUDER cylindrical grinding machines, his responsibilities include drawing everything from simple centres to complex designs for clamping devices, wheelhead assemblies or the integration of measuring instruments. "Precise consultation with the project and product managers, as well as exact work, is important in my function", Denis explains. Denis particularly enjoys developing new approaches and optimizing existing designs as his professional experience grows.

Tobias, Grinding Technician

Tobias has been working at STUDER, with a short interruption, for over 11 years. He started his career with an apprenticeship as a Polymechanic EFZ, followed by several years as a mechanic in the revision department and as a grinding technician in the flow assembly department. Tobias has now been working in the TechCenter for over 2 years, where he performs grinding tests for customers. Being closely involved in tests of new technologies is also one of his main tasks. "I especially like being able to work out creative solutions to problems and ''tinker around'' with challenging grinding tests together with my work colleagues and supervisors", Tobias explains. Especially when difficult tasks can finally be mastered, the sense of achievement is all the greater for him.

Marc, Instructor

Marc's job brings him in contact with foreign cultures every day. He is responsible at the Service Academy for organizing and planning education and training sessions for United Grinding technicians, international branch offices and for customers. "I gain something every time I meet a person from another country". Marc uses the breaks and joint lunches to get acquainted with and discuss the cultural customs. Being an instructor requires a certain ability to convey concepts and understand what participants already know. The communication and training documents are adapted accordingly to the different cultures. "This is necessary to ensure that the quality of our services is at a uniform level throughout the world".

Michael, Polymechanic

Tackling an issue is familiar work for Michael . He's a trained bicycle, motorcycle and automotive mechanic. But he has also spent time working on a farm. At STUDER, he mainly works on wheelheads for the S121, S131, S141 and S151. It takes seven working days to build up a complete wheelhead. "I've been building the wheelhead for the internal grinding lines since the very first prototypes. In the meantime I have worked on over 100 wheelheads. I can really say that I am a real specialist in this area", Michael explains. Michael gets the energy for his work on the Lake of Thun or from the home-style cooking, which he likes to make fresh in the evening.

Andreas, Service Technician

Deep in the night, somewhere in Manila. Andreas woke up when the driver cried out. The taxi is skidding heavily and only barely can the driver make it to a secure shelter. Driver and passenger spent five hours waiting out a supertyphoon. That's the kind of thing that happens on the way to a customer in October. Fortunately, most of Andreas's work isn't so dangerous. He works in Customer Care. Andreas puts customers' machines into operation, performs maintenance and optimizes their processes. "I am underway a lot  and love having no idea what I'll be up to the next day." He knows the internal cylindrical grinding machines now inside out - no surpride, as he was involved in the development of the series from the start.