Grinding requires smart Automation

Faster, more accurate, and more cost-efficient machining is only one of the advantages of automating grinding processes. Factors such as a higher safety for the operators and their health also play a large role. STUDER is therefore one of the technology leaders in this field.

Why Automation?

Higher productivity


Automation can optimize workflows and save time, which means optimal utilization of machines. This in turn leads to efficient as well as precise results and can strengthen competitiveness.

Increasing pecision                                                                       


With the help of automation in the grinding process, high accuracy can be achieved and faulty results minimized. With the help of precise control and monitoring of the automated processes, consistent processes are always reliably executed.

Cost savings


Automated processes contribute to efficient use of resources. For example, in the optimal use of grinding materials and the reduction of rejects, due to lower susceptibility to errors.

Improved work safety


Potential sources of danger can be minimized thanks to automated systems and the risk of injury to employees reduced. Precisely controlled automation processes also ensure reliable and consistent operation. In this way, risks of injury can be minimized.

Our solutions

STUDER has developed optimal automation solutions for a variety of applications. Our equipment is delivered turnkey and CE compliant.



The automation solution for universal external cylindrical grinding machines

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The automation solution for universal external cylindrical grinding machines

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The automation solution for radius internal cylindrical grinding machines

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The automation solution for production cylindrical grinding machines

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The automation solution for external and universal cylindrical grinding machines

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The automation solution external cylindrical production grinding machines

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