Automation with easyLoad

For machine types S31, S33, S22 and S41 a loader solution is offered on the basis of a portal loader system with V-gripper. The loader system is suitable for shaft components up to a part length of 300 mm and a grip diameter of 4 to 30 mm (max. interfering contour - dia. 50 mm); it therefore covers the majority of the spectrum of parts produced on these machines. The parts are supplied via a standardized, adjustable synchronized conveyor. The housing for the base module, which has been adapted to suit the machine design, enables safe and clean operation of the system.



  • Standard automation for a large range of parts
  • Very simple workpiece supply
  • No robot programming knowledge required
  • Short delivery time thanks to standardization
  • Expandable for your future requirements

Technical specification

Maschine types                         S31, S33, S22, S41


Spectrum of parts                     Shaft components, clamping between centers


Autonomy                                  50 workpieces with max. diameter 30 mm (1.2“)


Workpiece dimensions             Part length: 20 – 300 mm (0.78" - 11.81")

                                                    Grip diameter: Ø 4 - 30 mm (0.15" - 1.18")

                                                    Part weight: max. 10 kg (22.04 lbs) for dual chuck gripper

                                                    Part weight: max. 5 kg (11.02 lbs) for single chuck gripper


Workpiece loading time            6 - 8 seconds (excluding synchronous tailstock)


Control system                           STUDER CNC


Construction and equipment     Base frame with casing and set-up door, portal module
                                                      with 1 carriage, NC-axis, two gripper units in V-arrangement
                                                      with two pneumatic parallel grippers. Peripheral equipment
                                                      including synchronized chain conveyor with V-block for rough                                                            parts, adjustable to different part sizes, forward and reverse                                                              indexing and a synchronized conveyor for finished parts.


Installation space approx.          Width: 1200 mm (47“), length 2500 mm (98“)

Flyer easyLoad

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