Are your operators still protected?

Yes - if the polycarbonate window ist not older than 2 years.

The polycarbonate viewing window of your STUDER cylindrical grinding machine protects the machine operator!

For optimal safety, European safety standard ISO 16089 recommends replacing the polycarbonate windows every two years. Therefore please check the age of the windows on your STUDER cylindrical grinding machine. If the expiry date on the label is exceeded, the window should be replaced as soon as possible. If cracks, scratches, or coolant infiltration are visible, the window must be replaced immediately.


The use of coolants, oils and greases reduces the working life of your polycarbonate windows. They encourage porosity and thus reduce the retention capacity under mechanical impact.

This embrittlement is generally not visible to the eye, but as the operating life increases, it presents a significant safety risk for machine operators.

Ageing of polycarbonate windows in machine tools

The retention capacity of the windows decreases with age.

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