Automation with uniLoad

A loader solution based on a linear gantry cell with two parallel grippers is offered for the machine types S31 and S33 for the centre distances 650 mm (25.6”) and 1000 mm (40”). The loading system is suitable for parts up to a length of 350 mm (13.75”) and a diameter of max. 100 mm (4”) and thus covers a large range of parts normally produced on these machines. The parts are supplied via a standardized, adjustable prismatic conveyor.
The enclosure of the base module, matched to the machine design, is equipped with a loading hatch as a standard and allows a safe and and clean operation of the system.


  • Standard automation for a large range of parts
  • Cutting-edge set-up wizard for simple and fast setup
  • Quick setup and resetting in less than 15min
  • Very simple workpiece supply
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Expandable for your future needs

Technical specification

Maschine types                        S31 and S33 with centre distance of 650 mm
                                                   (25.6”) and 1000 mm (40”)


Spectrum of parts                    Shafts (chuck clamping not feasible)


Autonomy                                  Depending on part size, max. 50 parts


Workpiece dimensions             Part length: max. 350 mm/min. 30 mm
                                                    (max. 13.8”/min. 0.4”)

                                                    Part diameter: max. Ø 100 mm (4”)

                                                    Gripping diameter: min. Ø 6/max. Ø 80
                                                    (min. 0.24”/max. 3.15”)

                                                    Part weight: max. 5 kg (11 lbs) with dual gripper

                                                    Part weight: max. 15 kg (33 lbs) with single gripper


Workpiece loading time           10 - 12 seconds (with dual chuck gripper)

                                                   18 seconds (with single chuck gripper)

                                                    Re-provisioning time 16 seconds


Control system                          Operation via Siemens 15” screen and intuitive
                                                    user interface


Construction and equipment     Basic module with enclosure and setup door,
                                                      gantry with single or dual grippers for shafts,
                                                      adjustable prismatic conveyor and finished part
                                                      conveyer including a NIO parts deposit.


Installation space approx.          Width: 2470 mm (97.3"), length 1600 mm (63")



Flyer uniLoad

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