Automation with smartLoad

The smartLoad is an integrated loader which picks up the parts outside the machine, loads them into the clamping system and deposits them outside the machine again. This function can be combined with different peripheral systems and offers a wide range of possible applications. Individual transfers, small series with a wide variety of parts and large series are possible. The peripheral system is either delivered by STUDER as a standard solution or provided by the customer. The movement of the smartLoad is path-controlled, which simplifies its control. Its strengths are its compactness, its quick and easy installation as well as simple operation. The smartLoad is available in two standard versions with different stroke lengths. The grippers can be customized to meet the customer's requirements.



  • Fully integrated standard automation
  • Simple workpiece preparation
  • Programming via machine control
  • Short delivery time thanks to standardization

Technical specification

Maschine types                         S11


Spectrum of parts                     Shaft and chuck components


Autonomy                                  50 parts (with synchronized conveyors)

                                                    1 part as transfer position for external loader (with swivel unit)


Workpiece dimensions             Part length: 20 - 150 mm (0.8“-5.9“)

                                                    Part diameter:  4 - 25 mm (0.16“-1“)

                                                    Part weight: max. 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) (with single gripper)


Workpiece loading time            8 - 10 s (with synchronized conveyors)

                                                    10 - 12 s (with swivel unit)


Control system                           Does not have its own control system


Construction and equipment    Fully integrated standard automation with cam control
                                                     for integration into machine clasing. Depending on the version,
                                                     with with synchronized conveyors or with prism deposit.


Installation space approx.         Width: 760 mm (30“), Length: 2320 mm (91“)                                                                                     (with synchronized conveyors) 

                                                     Width: 560 mm (22“), Length: 340 mm (13.4“) (with swivel unit)



Flyer smartLoad

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