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Integrated electro-discharge dressing technology - WireDress®

The integrated electro-discharge dressing technology WireDress® opens up brand new possibilities for grinding with metal-bonded grinding wheels and drastically cuts auxiliary times.

Metal-bonded grinding wheels are used to machine difficult-to-machine materials such as high-alloy, hardened steels, tungsten carbides and ceramics, as they are offer superior dimensional and thermal stability. However, there are also disadvantages in using metal-bonded grinding wheels. Dressing these wheels involves greater expense and effort. External dressing machines are sometimes used for dressing, creating huge demands on handling and logistics. Complex, intricate profiles cannot be dressed economically in this way.

With WireDress® STUDER brings a brand new dressing device to the market, which is completely integrated into the cylindrical grinding machine and its control system. Laborious dismounting and resetting of the grinding wheel during reassembly after external dressing is no longer necessary.

Key features of WireDress® are:

  • No wear on the dressing tool - non-contact dressing
  • Dressing of high-precision, complex profiles
  • Up to 30% higher grinding power with metal-bonded grinding wheels
  • Maximum cutting ability straight off – reduced grinding forces
  • Dressing of any sintered metal bonds with diamond or CBN grain
  • Low dressing tool costs and operating costs

WireDress® is available on the S22 and S41 cylindrical grinding machines.

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