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Dear representative

We would like to provide you with STUDER promotion material to support you in selling STUDER machines in the best possible way. Please order your promotion material requirements here. Below you can see the articles that can be ordered.

Our range of promotional material


Item: Pin
Use: For wearing on the lapel (suit).
Color: Silver
Subject: STUDER logo
Size: 18 x 9 mm

STUDER Webcam cover

Item: Webcam cover
Use: The webcam on the laptop can be opened or covered by moving the slider.
Color: Black
Subject: STUDER logo
Size: 39 x 16 mm

STUDER banner

Item: Banner
Use: For attachment to buildings and walls.
Execution: Eyelet on all 4 corners. Exclusive stand.
Color: White
Subject: STUDER logo
Size: 90 x 180 cm

STUDER table flag

Item: Table flag
Use: For tables and counters.
Color: White
Subject: STUDER logo
Size: 15 x 25 cm

STUDER roll-up

Item: Roll-Up
Use: For the office, lobby or at shows.
Execution: Roll-up complete including stand.
Subject: General information about STUDER.
Languages: Available in German, English, French, Italian.
Size: 200 x 85 cm

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