STUDER is internationally renowned for its high-end cylindrical grinding machines, but even with its entry-level machines, customers benefit from uncompromising quality and precision.

“We are continuously expanding our entry-level range for customers who appreciate STUDER quality and utmost precision but do not need all the features from the premium segment,” says Sandro Bottazzo, CSO of Fritz Studer AG. He describes the philosophy behind the entry-level machines in the product range as “uncompromising STUDER quality and precision at an entry-level price.” Specifically, the machines in the entry-level segment include the favorit, favoritCNC, and S100 models.

But what exactly is an entry-level machine? “Compared to our high-end models, the number of tools and range of spindle power is limited, and many technical processes and interfaces standardized – this allows them to cover a wide range of grinding applications with excellent value for money,” says Daniel Huber, CTO of STUDER. Depending on the model, optional accessories and adaptations are also possible, allowing companies to make their specific production even more efficient.. STUDER thus has the right machine for every area of application. “Our sales staff and representatives are familiar with the specifications of each machine and can accordingly offer the suitable model with the optimal configuration,” adds Bottazzo.

The Best of Both Worlds

Customers get the best of both worlds: they benefit from an economical price while receiving an uncompromisingly high-quality product with the globally recognized STUDER performance, utmost reliability, and maximum precision. Another unique feature that all STUDER entry-level machines have in common is very short delivery times. This is possible thanks to the company’s in-house manufacturing concept and flow assembly+ (plus). Here, STUDER’s experts assemble the machines on a specially designed, high-precision conveyor system. Customers benefit from the shortest throughput times and high manufacturing quality.

Okyay Erik, General Manager of the Turkish automotive supplier Celikis, describes what this means for customers in practice: “We were surprised by what the STUDER favorit can achieve, even though it’s classified as an entry-level machine.” The company based in Izmir produces various products including differential gears, shafts, and housings for major automobile manufacturers. “With the favorit, we have significantly increased the efficiency of our driveshaft production,” reports Erik. “Where we used to produce 15 drive shafts per hour, we now manage 25 in the same amount of time. Plus, we no longer need to use a measuring system, as the machine’s accuracy is very high. This, in turn, reduces reset times, significantly boosting productivity.”

Entry-level Machines can Handle key Applications

As a CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine that is easy to program thanks to the 24" multitouch screen, the favorit can grind both short and long workpieces weighing up to 150 kilograms (330 lbs) - in single or series production.  The cross and longitudinal slides, made of high-quality gray cast iron, ensure the highest precision. As with all STUDER machines, the machine bed is made of the patented mineral casting Granitan®, which ensures the best surface quality of the ground parts with its excellent damping and thermal behavior. These are just a few examples of how customers benefit from STUDER’s premium manufacturer status even in entry-level machines.

The same applies to the favoritCNC. This CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine is the leader in terms of value for money and can be adapted to a variety of grinding tasks with different options such as a measuring system, balancing system, contact detection, and longitudinal positioning. With a distance between centers of 650 mm (25.6”) or 1000 mm (39.4”), it is suitable for universal use and can handle key applications. Its high grinding precision, even at this entry-class level, is demonstrated by its high roundness accuracy of less than 0.0004 mm (0.000,016"). And thanks to the in-house StuderPictogramming grinding software, even complex grinding cycles can be executed easily, and intuitively.

Ease of use is Particularly Important

With the S100, there is also a specialist for internal cylindrical grinding in the entry-level portfolio, serving as the counterpart to the favoritCNC in external cylindrical grinding. It handles a wide range of internal, face, and external grinding applications with the highest accuracy and is thus the ideal universal internal cylindrical grinding machine in this segment. Its specialty is the complete machining of workpieces with a length of up to 550 mm (21.65 inches) (including clamping devices) and a diameter of up to 420 mm (16.5 inches). Thanks to the wheelhead with multiple grinding spindles and QuickSet for quick setup, it significantly reduces setup and resetting costs. The S100 is also easy and quick to control, with ergonomically arranged operating elements and StuderPictogramming. “Ease of use is also particularly important for entry-level machines,” says CSO Bottazzo.

In numerous locations, shrinking and aging populations are making it increasingly difficult to replace retiring workforces who, through their years of experience, could achieve high quality with manual grinding machines. “Thanks to the innovative technology, intuitive software, and simple operation of our entry-level machines, our customers' employees can grind workpieces of the highest quality after just a few days of training,” explains CTO Huber.

Automation is also becoming increasingly important. It helps save time and work for operators and makes overall production more efficient. For instance, the favorit and the S100 can be equipped with a standardized loader interface, which can automatically open and close the operating door. “Customers can thus integrate the machine into their automated production processes, for example, with a robotic arm or a gantry loader,” says Huber.

Wide Range of Applications

As a globally established grinding machine manufacturer with over 111 years of tradition, STUDER is also well-acquainted with the varying regional requirements in the entry-level sector. “Besides high quality and precision, top reliability is particularly important. Our customers, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, appreciate that they can grind highly economically with our machines, practically without any downtime,” says Bottazzo. Technical standardization not only ensures an economical price but also a low susceptibility to errors. Should a problem occur, STUDER’s customer-oriented and efficient Customer Care is quickly available to provide expert assistance.

But what is the typical clientele for an entry-level machine? There isn’t one, thanks to the wide range of applications these machines cover. Whether it’s an automotive supplier at the highest international level like Celikis in Turkey or manufacturers of woodworking tools, hydraulic parts for the aviation industry, shafts for tractors, or tungsten carbide components for drawing dies: all this and much more can be achieved with STUDER’s entry-level machines – economically, efficiently, and without compromising on quality.

Advantages of STUDER’s Entry-level Machines:

  • Products with the highest STUDER quality and precision
  • Attractive value for money with short delivery times
  • Standardized grinding machines with various configurations
  • Easier operation and simple maintenance for operators
  • Machining of workpieces in different sections
  • Grinding of threads or non-round shapes possible
  • Optional integration of a loader interface and an automatic operator door, depending on the model
  • CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine for the individual and batch production of short to long-sized workpieces
  • Distances between centers of 400/650/1000/1600 mm (15.7″/25.6″/39.4″/63″) and a center height of 175 mm (6.9”)
  • Workpieces with a maximum weight of 150 kg (330 lbs)
  • External and internal grinding possible in one setup
  • The CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine is a leader in value for money and suitable for universal use
  • Distances between centers of 650 (25.6”) or 1000 mm (39.4“) and a center height of 175 mm (6.9”)
  • Workpieces with a maximum weight of 80 or 120 kg (176 or 264 lbs)
  • External and internal grinding possible in one setup
  • The ideal CNC universal internal cylindrical grinding machine for the entry-level segment covers a wide range of internal, face, and external grinding applications
  • Workpiece length (incl. clamping device) of 550 mm (21.65”) and maximum workpiece diameter of 420 mm (16.5”)
  • Grinding diameter external: max. 420 mm (16.5”) / internal: max. 300 mm (11.8”) / grinding length internal: max. 200 mm (7.87”)