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Invitation to compete for the «Fritz Studer Award 2020» research prize

STUDER is awarding its research prize, the «Fritz Studer Award », for the sixth time. Students from European universities and technical colleges are invited to participate. The winners will receive a reward of CHF 10,000.

The «Fritz Studer Award 2020». Worth CHF 10,000

Fritz Studer AG produces standard machines and individual system solutions in high-precision cylindrical grinding for machining small and medium-sized workpieces. STUDER is awarding the «Fritz Studer Award » for the sixth time. Participation in this competition provides young researchers with a platform for their creative solutions. The goal of the award is to advance and strengthen innovative developments in the machine industry.

For this competition STUDER is looking for work and research results with the following content:

  • Innovative machine concepts or components for precision machine tools
  • Alternative materials in machine construction
  • Simulation models for dynamic and thermal behavior of machine tools
  • Control and sensor concepts for machine tools
  • Digital Solutions to support the grinding process
  • New or advanced manufacturing technologies, especially in precision machining, such as grinding, hard turning etc.

Requirement: Substantiated results and feasibility

Presentation of the «Fritz Studer Award 2017». The work by Dr. André Wagner (IWT Bremen) on the topic "Fine grinding of gears with elastic grinding wheels" convinced the jury.

The research prize is aimed at graduates from European universities and technical colleges. Anyone who has focused on scientific topics or applied research areas in their student research project, college work or dissertation is invited to participate. The applicant should also be able to produce substantiated results or partial results from their research work. What is crucial for the assessment? Firstly, the feasibility of the findings in the machine industry. Secondly, the approach must be new. Scientific content, form and accuracy of the statements will also be assessed.

Award of CHF 10,000.

A prestigious jury will assess the submitted entries and choose the winner or winners. The jury includes:

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konrad Wegener, Director of the Institute of Machine Tools and Production at ETH Zurich
  • Dr.-Ing. Hans-Werner Hoffmeister, Head of Production Technology Department at the Institute for Machine Tools and Production Technology at TU Braunschweig
  • Dr.-Ing. Frank Fiebelkorn, Head of Research and Technology at Fritz Studer AG.

The winners will receive a reward of CHF 10,000, the Fritz Studer Award and a certificate. The award ceremony will take place in mid-February 2021.

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