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S11 - The super-productive machine for small workpieces.

The S11 is a production machine, which is precisely tailored to the desired process. Highly dynamic axis drives, high-quality STUDER guideway systems, short reaction times and optimized traverses form the basis of the S11. The high-speed grinding option (HSG) contributes to increasing productivity with its peripheral speed of up to 140 m/s.

With a mounting area of less than 1.8 m2, it is extremely compact and will fit in any workshop.

Precision is the result of perfect interaction between a large number of different factors. The basis is the Granitan® S103 machine base with its excellent damping characteristics and favorable thermal behavior. The modules are ideally suited to each other and produced with customary STUDER precision.

  • Distance between centres 200 mm
  • Height of centres 125 mm
  • Grinding wheel diameter 500 mm
  • Grinding wheel arrangement 0° or 20°
  • Right grinding wheel Ø 500 x 63 x 203 mm
  • Full enclosure with new door concept for optimal accessibility
  • Dual axis cover (telescopic and bellows)
  • Granitan® S103 mineral casting machine base
  • PCT touchscreen (Projective Capacitive Touch)
  • Easy programming with the new operator interface
  • StuderWINfocus on the Sinumeric 840D SL
  • Simple and clear process visualization
  • Software optimized for touchscreen
  • In-process gauging software integrated into the machine control
  • StuderWIN programming software for producing grinding and dressing programs on a PC
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