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Digital Solutions at STUDER, SCHAUDT, MIKROSA

The production halls of the UNITED GRINDING Group are becoming increasingly digitalized. The objectives of the "smart factory" are the elimination of unplanned machine downtime and the optimal use of resources. STUDER, SCHAUDT and MIKROSA tackle the issue together with the United Grinding Group AG (UGG). Specifically, it's about three products:

  • Production Monitor
  • Remote Service
  • Service Monitor

Production Monitor

The Production Monitor is a reliable 24/7 monitoring service. The customer has always and everywhere the overview of his machine park. Running times, non-productive times and disruption times are available in real time. This data allows you to optimize production in terms of utilization and availability, thus supporting the production managers, planners and production staff. What is the goal of the Production Monitor? "Today, a suitable tool is often missing to visualize the utilization of the machine. The Production Monitor offers just that transparency, "explains Daniel Renfer, project manager at STUDER. This practical tool can be displayed on different interfaces, for example on an app or on a web browser. Another advantage: On the Production Monitor the customer can configure the machine park based on his needs. Everything is possible, from detailed information of an individual machine to the complete overview of the entire plant.

Remote Service

Fast support is essential for customers. That's why UGG offers the "Remote Service". This also enables a fast and qualified service during operation of the machine. How does this work? At the push of a button, a ticket is opened and sent in a few steps to STUDER, SCHAUDT or MIKROSA. The completion of the ticket helps to limit the criteria and therefore helps give our service specialists a fast overview of the service case. It goes without saying that all tickets and service cases are documented in a logbook. Direct access to the machine is only possible if explicitly permitted by the customer. If this connection is established, the Conference Centre can communicate, exchange data or directly interface with the machine control. With the Remote Service you get fast, structured and uncomplicated support.

All data released by the customer can be viewed on the UNITED GRINDING screen and are ready for diagnosis.

Service Monitor

Until recently, it was a time consuming procedure for the customers of STUDER, SCHAUDT and MIKROSA to consult the operating instructions for the necessary maintenance measures. Today, this is done conveniently via the service monitor. This tool displays in a simple diagram the maintenance due date of all connected machines. But that's not all; the operators of STUDER, SCHAUDT and MIKROSA machines receive detailed information about the tools and spare parts needed, including the instructions for each maintenance measure. What is the big advantage for the customer? He receives a structured maintenance planning and this over his entire machine park. Maintenance can thus be planned and carried out on a plant-wide basis.

IT Security

Security is taken seriously. A sophisticated technological mechanism prevents unauthorized access.

The many advantages of networking also raise the question of security. With the UNITED GRINDING Remote solution, online access to a machine or plant can be handled quickly and safely. Because:

  • each connection is made directly and exclusively between the customer and UNITED GRINDING
  • each connection has a time limit
  • an exchange only takes place on the initiative of the customer and in any case always on precisely defined machines and / or functions
  • connection and encryption meet a security standard that is higher than that of many e-banking connections. In addition, the remote service software is TÜV certified. At regular intervals, authentication, access control, transport encryption and data flow control are checked.
  • the identification of each user is via a personal user name and password. The blocking of the account takes place after a defined number of failed attempts.
« With the development of UGG Digital Solutions, we have taken a big step forward towords the smart factory and created the basis for new customer benefits and promising business opportunities. »
Daniel Renfer, Project Manager at Fritz Studer AG